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 If these words are used in plural/singular, capitalization, or replaced by “he” or “she,” they should be taken interchangeably and refer to the same.

Cookies Policy uses cookies following our Privacy Policy, so please make sure to read it as well. Cookies are used by most websites today, especially those that provide commercial services. Cookies help us collect information about you and your preferences to deliver more relevant content. Also, cookies allow our website to function properly and improve your experience. Be sure that cookies include only browser data – your clicks and movement across the resource. We don’t gather any confidential or private data without your permission.

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Other types of organizations should contact us directly before linking to our website. We will approve the request in case the link won’t reflect false, unsatisfactory, and unfavorable data about us.

Content Liability

We are not responsible for the materials you locate on your web page. You agree to avoid any claims that contain materials that might be interpreted as criminal, obscene, or false. In other words, you cannot locate the link to our resource within the context that violates any rights.

We have the right to request that you delete the link to our website or/and any page of it at any time. In turn, you agree to remove the link per request immediately. We also have the right to change these policies whenever we find it necessary. If you place the link to our resource on your site, you should be aware of the new terms and conditions in case they are updated.

If you find any objectionable content on our site, you are encouraged to inform us about this. We will review your request and delete the materials if they are unlawful. We have the right to complete your application without responding to your request directly.

In case we are assured that your claim is irrelevant, we won’t complete the request. Also, we don’t guarantee that all materials located on this resource are up-to-date and available.


As the applicable law permits it, we refuse from any guarantees (limitations, warranties in respect to satisfactory quality, reasonable care). In this disclaimer, nothing will limit or exclude:

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